Brothers give local businesses & artists boosts through Augmented Reality Mural Festival

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Posted at 9:13 AM, Jun 06, 2021

(WSYM) — You’ve likely seen it before as a plot device in a science-fiction movie: A painting leaps off a wall and comes to life!

Now, that’s become reality. Or rather, augmented reality.

“Augmented reality is being able to place digital objects inside real world environments. So you’re layering digital experiences on top of the real world,” said Moody Matten, co-founder of Brand XR.

The Electrify Detroit Augmented Reality Mural Festival is the brainchild of three local brothers. Moody, Malik and Zach Matten.

Moody is co-founder of Brand XR and Zach is co-founder of Electrifly.

They put their heads and their companies together to give local businesses and artists a boost, by animating large murals throughout the city.

“It’s really kinda cool to show this in our backyard and allow the community to interact with these art pieces like maybe they wouldn’t have before and inspire people what’s possible when you combine art and technology,” Zach said.

You can find the locations at and then download the Electrify app.

“You just point your camera at the mural with the Electrify app open and explore the story line of each piece,” says Zach.

Murals come to life in 6 different Detroit neighborhoods. It’s a fun outdoor experience with a deeper purpose.

“That’s one of our major goals, to drive foot traffic through maybe some of these lesser known neighborhoods,” says Moody.

Drawing attention to artists and small businesses working to bounce back from the pandemic.

The mural in Greektown, for example, is on the back of The Elephant Room, a bar and restaurant.

“They got hit pretty hard by COVID so we’re hoping to draw more attention. They have a great bar and restaurant inside. Hopefully more people can come down here, check out the mural and check out the Elephant Room,” says Moody.

The event runs through the summer.

“It’s just a family fun event that you can do at your own leisure, at any time,” says Malick.

More info on the murals and upcoming unique outdoor art events at: