11-year-old Livingston boy raises $112K for life saving CPR machines

Lucas for LUCAS
Lucas for Lucas!
Posted at 8:45 AM, Jun 18, 2021

HOLLY, MI (WXYZ) — 11-year-old Lucas Vetter of Holly has spent the last two years raising money for a life-saving CPR machine called "LUCAS."

“It saves a lot of lives and it’s not exactly cheap,” Lucas said.

After a visit to the Howell Fire Department, Lucas became determined to make sure every fire department in Livingston County had one of these life saving machines. For many fire departments, the $16,000 device was a huge investment.

“So I went home and on an orange piece of construction paper, I wrote out my business plan on how I was going to raise money to help save lives with the Lucas devices.”


Lucas and his family have been fundraising for LUCAS machines all year long. On Saturday, they will hold their third annual golfing event in hopes of raising enough money for their last machine.

"We’ve gone business to business, door to door," Lucas' mom Kerry Vetter said. "Sometimes we left with $5. Sometimes people wrote a check for $100. Literally every dollar counts."

Already, Lucas has raised $112 thousand to purchase seven LUCAS machines for his local fire departments.

"I’ve always liked helping people and this was a good way to help them," he said.

Lucas plans on continuing his CPR machine donations spreading to different counties throughout the area. For more information on how to donate to his cause or participate in his fundraising outings head to his Lucas for LUCAS Facebook page.