Here's what's coming to the former Palace of Auburn Hills site

Posted at 8:30 AM, Jul 12, 2020

Corporate offices and tech firms are said to be taking the place of where the Palace of Auburn Hills once stood.

The arena and former home of the Detroit Pistons was imploded Saturday morning after standing more than 30 years.

There are plans to turn the space into offices for research and technology.

"We've re-zoned this as a T&R, technology and research," said Mayor Kevin McDaniel of Auburn Hills. "So the opportunities are going to be great here. There's going to be opportunities for growth, for businesses, opportunities for research and development. And ultimately it's going to foster innovation and create a lot of jobs."Want to own a piece of the former Palace of Auburn Hills? Here's how you can

Project mangers with Schostak Brothers & Co., the development company that currently owns the property, says they will work with larger tenants to figure out mixed-use retailers to complement the anchor businesses.

The possibilities are endless, according to Mayor McDaniel.

"We've got a lot of expansion opportunities," McDaniel says. "Leaves the door open for us to have aerospace, biotech, automotive, autonomous vehicles."

The Palace property was sold in June of 2019. The buyer is a joint venture between Schostak Brothers & Company, which is a real estate development firm based in Livonia, and Detroit Pistons Owner Tom Gores.

The sale came after Oakland County turned down an opportunity to buy the property.