Should Aretha Franklin have had a will?

Posted at 6:18 PM, Aug 22, 2018

Should Aretha Franklin have had a will?

“Sometimes I think she had a little legal training,” said Reed. 

Reed represented her several times. He forced the satirical site The Onion to put disclaimers on untrue articles about Franklin.  

He also represented her when she wanted to stop the use of a video she owned of a performance at a California church in 1972 before numerous big names including Mick Jagger. 

“I watched this,” said Reed, holding a copy of the video. “It brings tears to your eyes.  Live, raw, uncut. Aretha.”

He says from his experience working with her he assumes she didn’t have a will because she didn’t want a will. Under Michigan law, if you don’t have a will, as long as your children or heirs have a good relationship, the estate can be handled smoothly.  It will simply be distributed equally. 

“In Michigan, you don’t need a will unless you are going to exclude someone or if the family members are fighting,” said Reed.