Senior citizens turn to guns for personal safety

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 07:55:11-04

Seniors citizens are turning to guns for personal safety.

"I practiced today but I can't carry it. I didn't get my CPL yet," said 72-year-old Norene Pelaccio.

She never owned a gun until two weeks ago, when she decided to purchase one to protect herself from criminals.

"In the home if someone comes in the house or to have one going out," she said. "They shoot at you first, no matter where you go everyone has a gun."

She and other seniors have been visiting gun ranges, like Top Gun Shooting Sports in Taylor.

Tuesdays are Senior Days, something that's becoming quite popular.

Shooting range owner Michael Barbour said, "They had an incident or they see what they think is more crime happening so they want to make sure they're protecting themselves."

The NRA says they've seen a 400% increase since 2010? When it come to students -- 65 or older -- training with guns.

Senior citizen Byron Rocheleau said, "I don't want to go somewhere and say 'boy I wish I had my pistol'. Maybe I could be saving someone else's life."

Rocheleau had seen friends becoming interested in this method of protection.

He said, "The way the world is today, you never know."

Top Gun has certified instructors to teach people everything there is to know about guns.

"We do a lot of different classes. Basic handgun and our CPL classes to meet their needs. Make sure they are learning the right way," Barbour explained.

There are some folks who don't believe guns are the best way to protect yourself, but the folks on Senior Day at Top Gun disagree.

75-year-old Nick Pelaccio explained, "Somebody comes up to you and wants to rob you, 'give me your money' what are you going to do?"

"What are you going to do? Answer the door in a butter knife," Rocheleau asked.