Send the Perfect GIF with the Giffage App & More

Posted: 3:30 PM, Dec 10, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-10 20:30:53Z

Sharing a GIF has never been so easy thanks to an app that has one of the easiest mobile GIF platforms. The List’s Holly Morgan is checking out Giffage, Photo Math and Life360 right now on Show Me Your App .


1.  Giffage (Free, iPhone & Android)

This app lets you search for different expressions, like ‘excited’, and it’ll bring up thousands of looped animations to send via text.  Giffage also has its own categories so you can see GIFs that are trending for the day, or you can even make your own.


2.  Photo Math (Free, iPhone & Android)

Photo Math is a smart camera calculator that hacks hard math by taking a picture of the problem.  It not only gives you the answer, but it shows step-by-step solving so you actually learn something! 


3.  Life360 (Free, iPhone & Android)

More than 50 million families use this app to keep track of their loved ones on a private map.  You’ll always know where your kids are as they can check in with the touch of a button.  If they run into trouble, an alert button sends an email, voicemail and text to the entire family. 


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