School board candidate under fire for social media posts in Madison Heights

Posted at 11:15 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 12:51:43-04

On Nov. 8, residents in Madison Heights are going to vote for the school board. One of those on the ballot is Wayne Reif.

On social media, he posts family-like photos, with young black kids, who appear to be under his supervision, but who are not his own children, he says.

And he uses questionable humor to mock them.

In a photo from Halloween weekend, he being the only white man to the black children, he captions, “As you can see...all four boys have their masks on.”

Another photo features two of the children in a bathtub eating watermelon. He captions, “I don’t care what you say…this is funny!!”

Finally, in a post Halloween night, those children aside, he takes a shot at children in general, posting, “The one night of the year I wish I was actually on the sex offender list.” He later adds, “Perhaps the parents would keep those little snot nosed brats away from my house and off my lawn???”

We tracked down Reif at his home, and asked if his humor was in good judgment.

“Anyone who knows me knows my sense of humor and it may be off. And I don’t regret anything.”

As for his remarks about kids on Halloween?

“Snot nosed brats! I mean…c’mon...” he says laughing. “It’s all in humor.”
When asked if parents voting would think it is funny, he replied, “I don’t know. How they vote is up to them.”

When asked why he was running for the board, he replied, “Because I am a taxpayer, I am a resident.”

When asked what his concerns for children are, he replied, “I don’t have to answer you.”