Save Money Eating Out Knowing These 3 Menu Mind Tricks

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 03, 2017

Eating out is a treat and a great way to spoil yourself and family after a long week of work, but a lot of those restaurants are playing tricks on your mind. How? It's on the menu and it's actually quite brilliant. Jimmy Rhoades and marketing expert Ali Craig have three things to look out for the next time you're at a restaurant that could save you some cash just by knowing about them.

1.  Location, Location, Location

They understand how your eyes track and focus on the middle right section of the menu. The highest and most expensive items will usually go there.

2.  Free Bread Isn't Free

This allows restaurants to make portion sizes smaller because they are filling you up with that free bread that is cheap for them to make. Most people will become loyal customers because they love the idea of getting something free. The restaurant is the real winner here.

3.  We're Suckers for a Story

We are always ordering feelings and the names on the menu play to family memories. Just be aware that when you see Grandma's Famous Meatloaf, it's a trap.

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