Saline mom that became viral sensation focuses on giving back

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 18:39:55-05

It wasn’t long ago that Amanda Bell became an internet star. The Saline mom’s claim to fame came after her video about Kohl’s cash went viral.

Since 7 Action News first spoke with Bell, her star has continued to rise.

Her viral video has surpassed 35 million views, and she has a following of nearly 500,000 people on Facebook. Now she’s using her star power to help others with a “Kohl’s cash challenge.”

Since her initial viral video was about Kohl’s cash, she’s challenging others to spend their earned store credit on items to give back to their communities. Bell pooled together her money, and teamed up with family and friends, to purchase clothing, games and more for a group of boys at the Methodist Children’s Home Society.

“I think I have all the right people on my page and I hope they’ll do the right thing and donate or at least pass along good spirits elsewhere,” said Bell.

As for the group’s CEO, he said the donation was a big deal for them. Typically donations drop off this time of year. A lot of charities get a number of donations during the Christmas season, but those donations dry up immediately afterwards.

“We know that at the end of the day these children’s lives continue on for 364 other days,” said Kevin Roach, the CEO at Methodist Children’s Home Society. “We need this not just for the Holidays, and not just when it feels right.”

Bell said she will continue to turn her internet fame into an outlet to help others.

In addition to funny videos, Bell has gained a fan following because her videos about being a mom and everyday life. People from all over the globe now gather on her Facebook page to talk about real life inconveniences that others sometimes shy away from.

If you scroll through her Facebook page “Amanda Bell Keepin It Real” you’ll find discussions about lost loved ones, people asking one another for help, and others just thanking Bell for having conversations in public that others aren’t often willing to talk about.

For Bell, this appears to be the beginning.

“Everybody got laughs and have had a good time with it (her viral video) but I’m still wanting to do something bigger,” said Bell. “I want to do more.”