Sales tax license application scam targets Michigan businesses

Posted at 9:57 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 10:16:43-04

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette warns Michigan business owners to watch out for a potential sales tax application scam. 

An online company called Sales Tax Application Organization is charging owners a fee to submit the sales tax application when the State of Michigan offers the service for free. 

The company says business owners can apply for a license through their online portal, but the portal asks for personal information in addition to charging a fee.

Officials say a "source from outside Michigan reports that no service is actually provided, and the money paid disappeared."

Schuette advises business owners and residents check the State Department of Treasury website for the correct way to register to collect sales tax in Michigan.

To report a scam or file a complaint, contact the Consumer Protection Division at (513) 373-1140.