Metro Airport hosts training for bomb sniffing dogs

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jul 17, 2019

Detroit Metro Airport hosted state of the art dog training to detect explosives Wednesday.

The specialized program reaches across the state.

Officers from around the state and country who handle K-9s are getting to train in real-life scenarios to sharpen their skills at detecting bombs.

These police officers and their k-9’s are answering the call, on the front lines of the effort to keep all of us safe from anyone using explosives to endanger lives.

Wayne State University Police Officer Greg Roberts is among those who came to practice bomb detection by searching a donated aircraft and luggage.

More than 45 teams were there from across the state, also making use of a mock terminal, set up by the airport.

TSA officers also came from out of state to hone their skills.

Detroit police, the FBI, ATF, and Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputies are also among those taking part.

Even I had the chance to practice with a highly trained German Shepherd who found a simulated explosive in seconds.

This year’s event also marks the 10-year anniversary of the Underwear Bomber, who was found guilty after flying to Detroit in 2009 with the intention of detonating in mid-air.

It’s a reminder about the importance of being ready for anything.

This type of training will be held at Metro Airport annually, so that each year more dogs and their handlers can improve on their ability to save lives.