Man seen on surveillance video taking small dog out of car trunk, throwing her in alley

Posted at 12:41 PM, Nov 05, 2019

"It tore me apart knowing someone could do that to an animal," said Nichole DeVoy.

She found an injured dog in an alley near Broadway Avenue and High Street in Ecorse Monday morning.

"It was just some blanket sitting back there and, all of a sudden, these little ears just popped out of the blanket. I went back there and grabbed him up."

Nichole contacted Ecorse Police and looked to see what her surveillance cameras may have captured on video.

The video shows a dark colored car, possibly a Pontiac, pulling into the alley shortly after 1:00 a.m. Monday.

The driver, who appears to be a man, parks and exits the car. He grabs a bundle from the trunk and walks a few feet away and throws it to the ground.

Inside that bundle was a female dog with wounds to her body.

Nichole said what little hair the dog had was matted with feces and she was in bad shape, unable to eat or drink.

Nichole called Ecorse Police and the dog was taken to an emergency vet for medical treatment. Police are now examining the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the vehicle or the driver. It also appears that a second person remained in the car.

"Who could leave their animal in an alley at one in the morning to freeze to death? This dog barely had any hair on its body," said Nichole.

Anyone with information on the person or people responsible is urged to contact Ecorse Police at 313-381-0900.

"I hope somebody finds this person and I really hope that they pay the consequences for it," said Nichole. "There's no reason that you should just drop your animal off anywhere. I mean, take it to an animal shelter. They'll find it help."