Rebound Mid Michigan: Former MSU athlete gives financial advice for the pandemic

Davis 'assists' people in 'rebounding' for their futures
Posted at 8:18 PM, Jul 14, 2020

He spent a major part of this life sporting a basketball uniform. But now, you’ll see former Michigan State University basketball star Paul Davis wearing a business suit more often.

The former celebrated rebounder is now assisting people in preparing for their futures.

7 Action News Reporter Andrea Isom caught up with Davis outside his office in Southfield.

When it comes to sports, Davis has done plenty of interviews. But this is his first interview about his new position.

It’s still about rebounding but not on the basketball court!

Davis who will soon turn 36 years old, has since retired. And he’s changed up his game from being a powerhouse “rebounder” to “assist” others in doing the same in life.

He is a partner with The Podium Group Risk Managament. The team is headquartered in Southfield.

“At Podium we work with current and retired athletes, C-level executives and business owners around life insurance, disability and long term care,” Davis said.

He said he never imagined getting into this field. However, it has been a slam-dunk.

“I think for an athlete it’s a perfect transition,” Davis said.

Because he understands how imperative this type of planning is for people and their families. Now, more than ever.

“You go to a doctor for your health," Davis said. "You see them when things are going great or when things are going wrong. That’s what we like to do. We’ll give you a diagnostics of just your financial health and we’ll pick out a few things. Promise we’re gonna poke you with a needle! But we’ll give her a sucker on the way out."

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