Realtor loses job after calling police to help abandoned dog in vacant Lincoln Park home

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 11:01:12-05

A local real estate agent says an attempt to help a couple find their dream home turned into a nightmare because of what they discovered in the basement of that home.

What they found was a Chihuahua surrounded by a cage and laying it in own feces.

That prompted her to call police and, believe it or not, that realtor lost her job because of it.

Alison Reedy has been a realtor for six years and says never has she seen what she saw in the basement of a Lincoln Park home.

Reedy snapped a picture of the Chihuahua alone surrounded by feces in a cage.

Reedy says the home is listed as vacant - meaning no one is currently living there and that prompted to her call the listing agent.

That’s when Reedy says it was clear in her mind the dog was abandoned, so she called police.

Reedy says an officer showed up and called animal control.

The Chihuahua, - according to Lincoln Park police, was taken to animal control.

Benjamin Dillon was thinking about buying the home. He says he expected the home needed work, but was shocked to see a dog living there alone in the cold.

7 Action News left messages with the listing real estate agent.  We also tried to contact the owner, but our calls were not returned.

As for Reedy, she says she’s glad the police took action - even though her actions cost her a job.

According to Reedy, she was let go because she was in violation of an ethics policy and for not calling her own boss first.

As for the Chihuahua, we spoke to an officer inside the Lincoln Park Police Department who confirmed the dog was taken to animal control.

That officer also says the homeowner could be charged with animal abuse.