Racist emails sent to University of Michigan students

Posted at 5:28 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 11:56:32-05

Racist and anti-Semitic emails were sent to students at the University of Michigan late Tuesday night. 

Campus police are now looking for whomever is responsible.The hateful e-mails were sent out to thousands of students. 

The student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, says the emails had a university professor's name on them and were sent to students in the computer science and engineering school.

The emails are shocking. 

The first two of three sent read, "Hi n*****s, I just wanted to say that I plan to kill all of you. White power! The KKK has returned!!! Heil Trump!!!"

And another email, "Hi you f****** filthy Jews, I just wanted to say the SS will rise again and kill all of your filthy souls. Die in a pit of eternal fire! Sincerely, Dr. Alex Halderman."

The Michigan Daily reports the e-mails signed by that university were sent by three unique server names which point to the possibility that the server may have been hacked.

Dr. Halderman denied sending the emails, telling the student paper that as he teaches in his class, it takes very little technical work to forge a sender's address in an email.