Porch pirate accused of stealing from Clinton Township home with two kids in tow

Posted at 10:28 PM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-04 12:56:45-05

A thief bringing kids with him to steal from a Clinton Township porch, saying “I’ll take these” as he swiped presents away was caught on video at a home on Wellington near Gratiot.

Police are getting some help from the neighbors who are sending in their footage of the man who was walking with the two kids when he swiped the three packages, leaving the home’s owner to wonder who could show a kid such a thing.

A Black Friday arrival – gone, birthday and Christmas presents for Aubre Myers’ wife taken at the hands of a man who scouted the boxes, along with two kids in Clinton Township.

Myers was able to look at the moment it happened through the home’s ring doorbell.

“Walks past with the two kids, and he stares at um,” Myers says. “We were like ‘hmmm, I thought that was going to be him.’ Sigh of relief, whatever. Watch the next clip, comes back with the hood on and says ‘I’ll take these’ and just keeps walking. But the kids are right behind him. It just like hit a new nerve, ya know.”

After the heist, neighbors shared pictures, and police hope you might know who he is.

“I’m a new parent, you know, to twins. Just to know my kids are subject to that behavior. And they’re subject to this cold, you know?” Myers says. “It was like 15-minute difference between those videos. And they were on foot both times. So, to be out here walking in that weather and you’re out here taking other people’s belongings with the kids involved you know? One of them was a baby, you know? You could tell he had just started walking so, for him to be subject to that and that’s our future you know? That’s our next generation. It just kinda, kinda hit me you know? I’m like ‘Wow, I couldn't imagine, you know, putting my daughter in that position you know, or having to put one of my family members in that position. So it was just kind of hard to watch.”

Myers no longer feels comfortable after four years in the home. 

Some good news - 2 out of the three gifts, the companies that sold them replaced them.

If you have information, give Clinton Township police a call.