Oxford parents pack school board meeting after judge granted district staff immunity

Posted at 1:50 PM, Mar 15, 2023

OXFORD, MI (WXYZ) — Oxford families gathered at a school board meeting Tuesday, the first since a judge granted the district immunity amid the November 30 Oxford High School shooting.

One of the deceased victim's fathers, Buck Myre, was present during the meeting and demanded accountability.

“I can’t believe that you guys can put your head on the pillow every night and think you’ve done everything to get accountability,” he said.

His son Tate was one of 4 students killed inside Oxford High in November of 2021.

Myre and several others shared their frustration in wake of a judge’s ruling earlier this month to clear the district staff and administrators of any lawsuits stemming from the shooting. This also applies to civil lawsuits the judge ruled, stating the district and its employees are protected by government immunity.

“I'm completely outraged by the immunity that the school has been given. And I’m really happy it will be appealed," a parent said.

An attorney for some of the victims’ families claims staff at the school was aware of the shooter’s interest in guns and violence months before the shooting happened. The now 16-year-old shooter pleaded guilty in October to terrorism and first-degree murder charges.

The judge's ruling on immunity does not apply to him or his parents.

"The only way we will ever grow is to learn from our mistakes. I remember I used to tell Tate that all the time,” Buck Myre said.

Even a former district employee and a parent of an Oxford High student spoke out. She resigned because of the district’s response and criticized the judge’s recent ruling.

“Up until a few weeks ago, I was a teacher in this district. My classroom is right across the hall,” she said. “There’s a mural in this building that students see when they walk in that says we have your backs and now I wonder who has these kids' backs.”