Old Dominion founding band member Trevor Rosen is from Michigan, says the hit band was an accident

Posted at 12:12 AM, Nov 03, 2016

Old Dominion is one of the hottest bands in country music. Nominated for two CMA awards this year, their first studio album has climbed to the top of the charts and they just launched their own tour after spending two years on the road opening for Kenny Chesney. Not bad for a band that happened by accident.

The band consists of four guys from Virginia, thus the name Old Dominion. But the fifth member is a native Michigander from Woodhaven.

Trevor Rosen left Michigan in 2003 to pursue a career as a songwriter. He started enjoying success with hits for artists such as Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Jake Owen and the Band Perry.

“My first number one was for the Band Perry called you better dig two.” Trevor explains during an interview in Nashville. “When that happened it had been years of sort of building up and working toward it but that one sort of opened the flood gates for me in Nashville.”

He also formed friendships with other songwriters and musicians, including the guys who would become his Old Dominion bandmates. But they were all so focused on songwriting none of them seemed to recognize their growing success as a band.

“We were just playing to make an extra hundred bucks here and there …then you have a couple hits as songwriters and get good at songwriting. In the meantime the band gets really tight you go “hey this Old Dominion thing might be something we want to pay attention to!””

Not only are Trevor and his bandmates paying attention to Old Dominion, so are the fans.

“The success we’ve had with old dominion I think we want to take that as far as we can take it. We just want to keep putting out great music …writing great songs and we’ll ride the Old Dominion train as far as the people will let us.”