Officials investigate how cell phone inmate used to post to Facebook got into Michigan prison

Posted at 7:41 AM, Jun 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-20 07:41:29-04

A Michigan inmate is being investigated for smuggling a cell phone behinD bars, then using it to create a Facebook profile - going as far as posting live videos to it.

From a haircut, to testing his latest rap lyrics, Dajuan Furman, aka Freeweezy Lethimgo, was keeping busy on Facebook during his prison sentence.

Now Furman, plus 9 of his fellow inmates, are under investigation for how they were able to smuggle in the phone and get away with posting the videos.

The venue for the videos is a prison cell in Carson City.

A towel can be seen covering the cell door window, as the man in the chair, 25-year-old Dajuan Furman, gets a haircut.

Furman was sent to prison for 19 to 40 years on 14 counts related to armed robbery in 2009.

A crisp cut wasn’t all he posted. There’s video of Furman rapping, and also video of him with another inmate playing a card and dice game.

All of this from his jail cell. Which he also posed in.

And there’s a post seemingly confirming his location: “Dont think cause Im in prison I cant still arange for yo funeral.”

A Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson confirms an investigation is now underway into how all of this could happen.

As part of that investigation, 9 other inmates all in the same housing block are under scrutiny, as well as corrections officers.

The spokesperson says these inmates shouldn't have been in the same cell in some instances and someone should have noticed that door covering.

Jail security and searches have ramped up, and all of the inmates have been segregated while they wait to see what kind of discipline they will face as a result.