Necklace containing baby's ashes found in metro Detroit park, returned to mom

Posted at 4:43 PM, Jul 26, 2017

It happened earlier this month. Someone was near a baseball field at Civic Center Park in Woodhaven when they found a necklace with a charm holding someone's ashes. 


They turned it in at a nearby concession stand. 


“This is clearly someone’s loved one. We wanted to find out who it was,” said Emma Sakina, who works at the park. 


Workers at Woodhaven Parks and Recreation took to Facebook, hoping social media would help them find the rightful owner. Seven Action News saw their posts and decided to try to help with a news story. 


On Wednesday, Kaleena Sexton picked up the necklace with ashes that belong to her daughter. Six-month-old Skylab Sexton died after family members say a drunk driver slammed into their van in Inkster in March. 


She says her cousin was wearing the necklace at the park and felt devastated when she realized it was missing. 

“Thank you very much to everyone who shared it. Thank you to the workers who turned it in. It is something special. It is a piece of my daughter,” said Sakina.