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Woman in Thailand accused of cutting rope holding painters at high-rise

Thailand Safety Rope Cut
Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 27, 2021

A woman in Thailand is facing attempted murder charges and property destruction charges for allegedly cutting the support rope for two painters working on a high-rise condominium.

The Associated Press reported that the woman was angry that she hadn't been notified that they would be doing work outside her room, so she allegedly cut the rope, leaving them hanging above the 26th floor.

The painters were eventually saved by a couple whose husband first noticed one of the painters signaling help.

At first, the 34-year-old woman denied she was the alleged culprit. Still, after she was confronted with forensic evidence and footage of the incident, she confessed but denied any intention to kill the workers.

The AP reported that the woman was temporarily released, but police said an indictment would be filed at the provincial court within 15 days.

The news outlet reported that the woman faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of attempted murder.