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Users can now request Google to remove their personal info from search results

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Posted at 11:02 AM, Apr 29, 2022

Google is now allowing users to remove their personal information from a webpage.

Personal information that can be removed includes phone numbers, home addresses, usernames and images.

Leaders at Google told Reuters that research has shown that people are becoming less willing to have this type of information available online.

In recent years, the company has received tens of thousands of requests from users to remove their information each year. But only about 13% of those requests had been approved, according to Reuters.

On the request page, Google says it may remove personally identifiable information “that has potential to create significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, harmful direct contact, or other specific harms. This includes doxxing, which is when your contact info is shared in a malicious way.”

Google says there must be some sort of threat of abuse for it to meet removal requirements.

You can find the request form here.