Trump campaign reacts to Scripps' Clinton Foundation investigation

Posted at 12:34 PM, Sep 06, 2016

Donald Trump's presidential campaign released a statement in response to a Scripps News investigation released Tuesday into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

The investigation reported New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman failed to require the charities to comply with New York law and related instruction. 

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New York laws require more transparency from non-profits working in its borders than many other regulators, according to the report. 

But the Clinton Foundation only listed a lump sum of foreign donations on a form that requires non-profits to "list each government contribution (grant) separately." 

However, Schneiderman’s office said it considers the Clinton Foundation, which is a separate charity, “in step” with state rules. Clinton Health Access Initiative spokesperson Regan Lachapelle told Scripps that if Schneiderman’s office wants more information, it can ask for it, according to the report. 

“We believe that we are following instructions by recording the (domestic government grants) we receive on the New York form and indicating that we will provide them with foreign government donor information if they would like it,” Lachapelle wrote in an email to Scripps.  “We clearly state in our cover letter that we would provide details on funding from international governments upon request.”

The Trump campaign released a scathing statement on the Clinton Foundation in response to the report. 

“This is another example of the Clintons thinking they are above the law and our rigged political system protecting them from accountability," Trump senior communications advisor Jason Miller wrote in a statement released on Trump's campaign website. "The Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign contributions is on its face an unprecedented and unacceptable conflict of interest that will badly compromise Hillary Clinton if she is elected president. The fact that New York’s highly partisan Attorney General is turning a blind eye to the Clinton Foundation’s failure to follow state disclosure laws is a shocking abdication of his sworn duty to faithfully discharge the duties of his office and he should open an investigation immediately."