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Texas shooting records could be blocked by legal loophole

Texas School Shooting Loophole
Posted at 2:57 PM, Jun 13, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Some Texas lawmakers and advocates are concerned that law enforcement authorities will use a legal loophole to block the release of further information related to the mass shooting at an elementary school.

Legislators in both parties are pushing to close the public information gap.

As of now, authorities have answered few questions about law enforcement's response on May 24, when a gunman shot and killed 19 students and two teachers.

The fear is that they will close the investigation and use the loophole in the Texas Public Information law to keep records sealed. The exception blocks information from being released in crimes for which no one has been convicted.

"It would be absolutely unconscionable to use the 'dead suspect loophole' to thwart the release of information that is so badly needed and deserved right now," said Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan.

He stated that the victims of Uvalde need "honest answers and transparency."

According to Vice, the Texas Texas Department of Public Safety has already asked the attorney general to block the release of body camera footage.

The department claims other shooters could use the video to determine "weaknesses" in police responses, Vice reported.