Texas oil spill causes responders to start major clean-up effort

Tabbs Bay Houston Texas oil spill crude oil
Posted at 11:13 PM, Aug 17, 2022

An oil spill in Texas has initiated a major clean-up effort to try and stop any effects on wildlife in the state's southern waters.

The Texas Coast Guard said the crude oil spill leaked sludge into the inland waters of Tabbs Bay off the coast of Houston.

The water's edge in the bay had a thick dark brown color visible from aircraft flying over on Wednesday as responders tried to stop the spread of at least 420 gallons of oil that leaked from a fill line into the bay.

Authorities didn't immediately report any injured or affected wildlife.

More than 2,000 feet of absorbent booms had to be placed around the areas where the crude oil leaked into the bay to try and stop the oil from spreading.