TBS tweets video comparing Hillary Clinton to hyena, apologizes after own host rips them

TBS: 'This was obviously a poor attempt at humor'
Posted at 2:08 PM, Jul 26, 2016

TBS got called out by one of its own hosts for a failed attempt at political comedy.

On Monday, the cable TV network tweeted an original video that compared Hillary Clinton's laugh to the cackle of a wild hyena. "Move over donkey! There's a new mascot in town," the tweet from @TBSnetwork read.

Shortly after it was posted, the video drew negative criticism, including a damning response from TBS host Samantha Bee.

"Delete your account," Bee wrote in a retweet of the original TBS post. Bee hosts the network's late-night political comedy series "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee." Bee's post was retweeted hundreds of times.

TBS deleted the tweet shortly thereafter and issued an apology for the video.

"This post was obviously a poor attempt at humor and has been taken down,” the network said, according to Variety. “Moving forward we’ll leave political satire to professionals like Samantha Bee.”

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