Taylor Swift groping case: See the 35 questions jurors had to answer

Posted at 4:54 PM, Aug 07, 2017

DENVER — Jury selection is underway in the groping case involving Taylor Swift, and potential jurors are being grilled on their biases, personalities and histories.

Taylor Swift herself appeared in the courthouse for the first steps of the civil suit, which involve a suit by a former radio host and counter suit by the artist, who claims the radio host groped her during a photo op. 

A photo at the center of the trial depicts David Mueller — a former KYGO radio host — with his hand behind the young artist. Swift, whose team claims the radio host grabbed the artist's bare butt, is defending herself from Mueller, who claims Swift's claims caused him to lose his job. 

Swift's counter suit aims to prove once and for all that she, as she says, was assaulted by the DJ in 2013. 

The case is expected to begin unfolding on Tuesday, after jurors are selected and trimmed from a larger pool. Each juror was asked the 35 questions that follow, with the goal of disqualifying jurors with biases. 

Check out the questions for yourself below:

1. Where do you currently live (what city or town)?

2. What is your gender?

3. What is your current age?

4. Please identify [how you] describe your race and/or ethnicity.

5. Do you have any problems with language, hearing, your vision, or your health that could make it difficult for you to see, hear, and understand the testimony and evidence in this case, or to sit as a juror between today and next Thursday, August 17?

6. The Courthouse is a non-smoking building. If you are a smoker, will you be able to go without taking any smoking break each day from approximately 8:45 a.m. until approximately 5:15 p.m.?

7. What is your occupation?

8. Please describe your educational background?

9. What is your marital status?

10. Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages and genders?

11. Specialized training or background: Do you, or does anyone in your immediate family (meaning your spouse/partner and children) have specialized training or experience in any of the following areas?

— Law, Police, Court or Legal System. 

— Media (radio, TV, newspaper, webcasting) 

— Music Industry (Circle One)

12. Have you served as a juror in any prior court case(s)?

13. What magazines, newspapers, websites, or blogs do you read regularly?

14. What are your primary sources of news?

— Internet. Which web site(s)?

— Local TV news. Which station(s)?

— Cable news. Which station(s)?

— Radio. Which station(s)?

— Newspaper. Which one(s)?

— Other.

15. Have you ever heard of, or do you know anything about, a lawsuit between a former Denver radio DJ, David Mueller (known on air as “Jackson”), and singer Taylor Swift?

16. Have you ever seen any pictures related to a lawsuit or dispute between David Mueller and Taylor Swift?

17. Have you formed any opinion about a lawsuit or dispute between David Mueller and Taylor Swift?

18. Do you have any opinion of David Mueller? If so, what is your opinion?

19. Do you have any opinion of singer Taylor Swift?

20. Do you listen to Denver-area country radio station KYGO? 

— Have you in the past? 

— Have you ever considered yourself a fan of KYGO? 

— Have you ever considered yourself a fan of the on-air KYGO personality “Jackson” (David Mueller)? 

21. Have you ever considered yourself a fan of Taylor Swift?

22. Is anyone in your immediate family a fan of Taylor Swift?

23. Which, if any, of the following have you done in the last two years?

— Listened to Taylor Swift on the radio?

— Watched any Taylor Swift video (including online)?

— Read a blog, magazine, or other news reporting about Taylor

— Purchased a Taylor Swift album?

— Paid money specifically to download or listen to Taylor Swift’s music online?

— Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through an online service that you pay for?

— Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through a free online service?

— Gone to a Taylor Swift concert or performance?

— Done something else related to Taylor Swift that you think the Court and the attorneys should know about?

24. In a lawsuit between David Mueller and Taylor Swift would you have a bias for or against either Taylor Swift or David Mueller?

25. Did you attend a concert performed by Taylor Swift at the Pepsi Center in Denver on June 2, 2013?

26. The jurors in this case will be instructed that they must base their decisions entirely on the evidence produced in court, not from any outside source or preexisting opinions or attitudes. Can you set aside any opinions you may have developed as a result of anything you may have seen, heard, or read about this case before trial and decide this case only on the basis of evidence produced in Court and the instructions the judge will give?

27. If, as a juror on this case, you heard evidence that was in conflict with any information you learned before the trial, how would you resolve that conflict?

28. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children, ever been inappropriately touched?

29. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children, ever been wrongly accused of inappropriately touching someone?

30. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children ever been wrongly accused of other wrongful or criminal conduct.

31. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children been convicted of a crime?

32. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children, ever been a plaintiff or a defendant in a civil court case?

33. Have you, your spouse/partner, or your children ever been fired from a job.?

34. Is there anything else you believe the Court or the parties should know which might potentially be important to your possible role as a juror in this lawsuit or affect your ability to be fair to both sides?

35. The following people and entities are or may be involved in this case, as parties, witnesses, lawyers, or Court staff. Please indicate whether you know any of these people or entities, and if so, explain how.

  • David Mueller (sometimes known as “Jackson” on KYGO Radio).
  • Jeffrey Opp
  • Bob Call
  • Hershel Coomer (sometimes known as “Eddie Haskell”)
  • Shannon Melcher
  • Tracy Dixon 
  • Ryan Kliesch (sometimes known as “Ryno” on KYGO radio)
  • John Dimick
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Entercom Communications
  • Bonneville Radio
  • Evans & McFarland, LLC
  • Gabe McFarland
  • Cyd Hunt 
  • Gina Bowermaster
  • Taylor Swift
  • Andrea Swift 
  • Frank Bell 
  • Stephanie Simbeck
  • Erica Worden
  • Greg Dent 
  • Gabby Liddicoat
  • Lorraine Bayard de Volo
  • Kevin Call 
  • Venable LLP
  • Douglas Baldridge
  • Danielle Foley 
  • Katie Wright
  • Judge William J. Martínez
  • Deborah Hansen
  • Mary George
  • Cassandra Hill 
  • Nathan Foster