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Sen. Patty Murray is second in line to the presidency... for now

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Posted at 11:47 AM, Jan 04, 2023

A senator from Washington is second in line for the presidency. Sen. Patty Murray moved up in the line of succession after being sworn in Tuesday as Senate president pro tempore.

That position is typically third in the line of succession, after Speaker of the House. However, Republicans failed to elect a speaker on Tuesday and it's unclear when someone will receive the 218 votes to assume the role.

Murray, 72, has been in office since 1993. She is the first woman to serve as Senate president pro tempore. In her position, she is authorized to preside over the Senate, sign legislation and issue the oath of office to new senators.

Murray will move back down to third in line for the presidency after the Speaker of the House is elected.

Order of presidential succession:

1. Vice President
2. Speaker of the House
3. President Pro Tempore of the Senate
4. Secretary of State
5. Secretary of the Treasury
6. Secretary of Defense
7. Attorney General
8. Secretary of the Interior
9. Secretary of Agriculture
10. Secretary of Commerce
11. Secretary of Labor
12. Secretary of Health and Human Services
13. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
14. Secretary of Transportation
15. Secretary of Energy
16. Secretary of Education
17. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
18. Secretary of Homeland Security