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Man detained after San Diego International Airport scare

Passenger told officer "incriminating" info
Man detained after San Diego airport scare
Posted at 2:57 PM, Feb 07, 2018

SAN DIEGO - One man was detained after Harbor Police said he told an officer "incriminating" information about his baggage.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Bomb Unit crews were requested by San Diego Harbor Police to the airport shortly after 11 a.m. Harbor Police said a passenger approached and told an officer "incriminating" information about his luggage.

Police requested SDFD's bomb unit to inspect the luggage while Terminal 2 was evacuated and flights were held, police said.

Law enforcement officials were seen around Terminal 2's East section, which serves American Airlines, Virgin Airlines, British Airways, Allegiant Air, Edelweiss, West Jet, and Japan Airlines.

Harbor Police and airport officials soon cleared the area and allowed passengers to re-enter Terminal 2, after a nearly hour-long delay. 

The man was detained by Harbor Police. Officials have not said if they plan to bring any charges against him. The incident was confined to Terminal 2 while the rest of the airport continued operations, police said.

Passengers have been asked to check their flight times for any changes as a result of the evacuation.