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Racist review rallies a Wisconsin community to support a local restaurant

Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 27, 2018

A Racine, Wisconsin restaurant owner responded to hate with love, and the community rallied around him after he received a racist review online.

Umar Nirman has not been without a customer at Kabab and Grill since he opened Tuesday morning. People packed his place to show him how Racine really feels about the review they saw online.

The review said the restaurant is owned by Muslims and that people should, "Support Americans not eastern invaders."

Instead, the lunch line stretched out the door Tuesday afternoon.

"I said we definitely got to stop and get something today, especially today to support him," said customer Carol Horton. 

Nirman said he has never experienced anything like he saw in the Google review of his restaurant.

"Racine people know us since we are open. We don't mind somebody put a negative review or positive reviews. This is the only one person...," said Nirman through tears. "That kind of thing hurt first."

His son convinced his dad to post the review on Facebook with the message: "Love for all hate for none."

And the Racine community had its own response. One after another, people showed up to Kabab and Grill.

"I'm here to support him and let him know love is the answer," said customer Megan Shannon. 

"Show him our support. Show him what Racine can do," said customer Steve Smetana.

"Racine is not what we saw in the post. That's not what we are," said Horton.

And Nirman couldn't be more grateful.

"The community showed me they are with me. Yes! No matter who you are," said Nirman.