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Parents claim Washington daycare waxed toddlers' eyebrows

Posted at 7:18 PM, Feb 07, 2018

The State of Washington is investigating a daycare after parents posted on Facebook, claiming that the daycare waxed their toddler's eyebrows without permission, the Seattle Times reported.

The Boys and Girls Club, which operates the Columbia Basin College daycare, claims that the accusations are "unsubstantiated." But parents claim there is no way the daycare's internal investigation was thorough. 

Late last week, Alyssa Salgado posted photos of her's 2-year-old child's face, showing what appears to be a mark over the child's nose. 

"I immediately started to contact the director of the day care in many texts she tried to come up with multiple excuses then this morning I take my daughter in person to the director, she laughs in my face telling me a bunch of lies and I do get upset," Salgado wrote on Facebook. 

After Salgado posted about the alleged incident on Facebook, a second parent claimed their child also had their eyebrows waxed. 

The Seattle Times said it will take roughly a month for the state to issue a formal report on last week's alleged incident. 

“There was clearly enough there for us to open a complaint, Frank Ordway, the assistant director of Government and Community Relations for the Department of Early Learning, told the Seattle Times.