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Officer in Egypt catches boy who falls from balcony; incident caught on video

Posted at 9:28 PM, Feb 22, 2018

A security camera captured video of an officer in Asyut, Egypt catching a 5-year-old boy who jumped off a third-story balcony on Saturday. 

The video was released by Egypt's Ministry of Interior. In the video, three officers are seen looking up, as one officer grabs some fabric. 

A few seconds later, the boy, identified by CBS News as Ammar Motaz Abd El-Salam, lands into the arms of Kameel Fathy Geed, 45. The force of the boy falling was enough to knock over the officer. Officer, with the boy in his arms, falls to the ground, but his fall was softened by the fabric. 

The Ministry of Interior said that no one suffered any major injuries. 

In an interview with Egyptian TV network Dream TV, the boy's mother said El-Salem reportedly climbed onto a small table during a party. The boy then toppled, forcing the officers to spring into action. The mother added that no one at the party noticed.