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MoviePass members complain of unfair termination

Company says they violated terms of use
Posted at 7:39 AM, Feb 26, 2018

There's a growing number of complaints on social media about a new way to see movies in theaters.

MoviePass lets you see a new film every day for just $9 a month. 

However, members nationwide say they're being dropped from the program for violating terms of service that state, no 3D or premium movies.

Many customers are wondering if MoviePass is eliminating members who see too many movies — such as four or five a week.

"My pass was terminated. They claimed that I had used the pass for premium tickets. [But I] Never [did], I am a rule follower," Deb Tobin said after being asked if she had ever used her pass for a premium movie.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says theaters may have mistakenly sent users to a premium showing.

The best way to keep your pass from being terminated is to read the rules and follow them closely.

Full MoviePass statement:

"A small percentage of MoviePass users were removed from the system, due to violating the terms of service. We diligently review card transactions to prevent fraudulent activity and take our Terms of Service agreement very seriously. If individuals abuse the service, we must take action so that our model continues to be sustainable for everyone. If customers do feel there has been a mistake, they should feel free to reach out to MoviePass customer service via the phone number on the back of their card. We are diligently reviewing all complaints on a case by case basis."