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More than 100 children rescued at daycare amid rising floodwaters

Dozens of people were rescued from flood waters near Jackson, Mississippi
Jackson Mississippi flooding daycare rescue
Posted at 8:57 PM, Aug 25, 2022

Rising flood waters on Wednesday wreaked havoc over areas of central Mississippi around the state's capitol of Jackson.

As WLBT reported, around 200 people were rescued from flood waters as businesses and homes were damaged.

At one nursing home, 31 residents and 11 staff members had to evacuate to a safe location away from flood waters on Wednesday and were able to return to the facility on Thursday to collect belongings that survived the flooding.

Volunteers and emergency service workers rescued more than 100 children from a Florence, Mississippi daycare from rising flood waters which had trapped some people inside a structure.

First responders used high water rescue vehicles to move 104 children and 14 workers from the Railroad Center Daycare facility to a safe location, CNN reported.

On Thursday WLBT reported that the city of Jackson could see flooding in some areas after a local reservoir had to release water from a spillway in order to relieve pressure on a reservoir dam.