10th iPhone anniversary: The smart device that made Apple great

iPhone is most important gadget for Apple revenue
Posted at 9:25 AM, Jun 29, 2017

Apple’s steep rise to the top of the tech world is closely connected to the stunning success of the iPhone. Introduced just ten years ago, it went on sale for the first time on June 29. Its share of Apple’s overall revenue has since grown from a mere 0.5 percent in 2007 to 63.4 percent last year.

While back in 2007, the iPod had a major share in revenue, the device isn’t listed separately in Apple’s yearly CES reports anymore. Instead, the iPad tablet has taken over. Today, it accounts for close to 10 percent of overall revenue, which has increased from 24 billion Dollars in 2007 to 215 billion last year in total.

This is what happens when you build a device that is so trend-setting it can carry a whole brand to stardom. However, the raw unit sales show that 2016 wasn’t as good as previous years.

Infographic: The Smart Device That Made Apple Great | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista