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Indiana man upset scooter company won't cover damage to his vehicle

Posted at 11:22 PM, Dec 05, 2018

IRVINGTON, Indiana — An Indiana man has a warning for drivers who park anywhere Bird Scooters are known to be after he says he was left with hundreds of dollars in repairs after one of them blew over and damaged his vehicle. 

"It was a windy day. I think it was gusting 40 or 50 miles an hour that day," Matt Kawiecki said.

The damage to Kawiecki's car was estimated at more than $450, but Bird tells him they're only willing to pay a fraction of that cost. 

"I offered to get multiple quotes, to see if this is a fair price — no response," said Kawiecki. 

He says the company was responsive when he first called to report the damage, but after he got the quote to fix the damage they stopped responding as much. 

"The quote came back at over $450. So I was a little surprised, just from a dent. Bird offered to pay 25 percent," Kawiecki said. 

He says it isn't even about the money, he's upset that the company won't take responsibility for the damage their scooter caused. 

"It's not about the money. I could care less about the money," Kawiecki said. "When they are not owning up to something as small and petty as $300 or $400 for a $2 billion evaluated company, it's a little bit surprising."

In the meantime, Kawiecki is urging other drivers to park away from scooters, so they don't have a similar incident. 

WRTV television station in Indianapolis reached out to Bird Scooters to ask them about the company's obligations to cover damage caused by unoperated scooters. In an email, the spokesperson for the company said they recommend you report all incidents involving the scooters to the company and their support team will investigate all reports.