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If you close a credit card account, be sure to check the account again after 30 days

There could be changes, or items that you need to know. So, be vigilant.
Credit Cards
Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 13, 2022

For some, there are reasons to close a credit card account. While it's generally not encouraged, there is definitely a reason to check that account 30 days later or more to be sure there aren't any surprises.

You will lose access to most, if not all benefits, when you close a credit card account, and you may lose access to managing the account online.

In these cases, it's worth it to call in and speak with a representative for the card to be certain there aren't any loose ends to tie up.

You can expect to still continue to receive statements until everything is sorted with the card. If these aren't in paper, then it's important to make contact with the credit card company to make sure you aren't missing any statements and that all of your responsibilities with the card are fully completed.

The Points Guy reportedthat a card that was once closed, still received the annual fee on the account via an automation error with the company's system. This is one reason, based on timing during the year, to triple check that closed account.

If you think you will forget, set a reminder on your phone to check the account again 4 weeks after you close it.

Or, place a note on your refrigerator that you can joyfully toss in the trash once you've checked and the task is complete.