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Gas station displays sign ‘we hate our gas prices too’

Oil Prices-Explainer
Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 10, 2022

A Minnesota-based gas station seems to be just as fed up with high gas prices as the rest of America, posting on its sign “we hate our gas prices, too.”

Chuck Graff, owner of Murphy’s Service Center in St. Anthony, Minn.,told WCCO-TV,“It’s just kind of our way of letting the customer know that we feel their pain.”

With the rising cost of oil on the global market, there is little Graff can do to relieve his customers. The cost of a barrel of oil climbed over $120 this week.

“It’s nice that they’re having a little fun with it,” customer Daud Nooh told WCCO. “I mean, life has its challenges always, so it’s good to just put a little humor in life.”

On Friday, AAA reported a nationwide average of $4.98 a gallon for regular unleaded gas. Drivers in Minnesota are seeing slightly lower prices with an average cost of $4.70 per gallon.