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Frogs regrow limbs in experiment, offering hope for organ regrowth in humans

The reptiles were given a drug cocktail and a wearable device.
Posted at 2:49 PM, Jan 27, 2022

Scientists have discovered that frogs have the ability to regrow limbs.

It was already known that other animals, like salamanders, starfish, crabs and lizards could do the same.

Researchers at Harvard and Tufts University are now looking into whether humans can regrow limbs as well.

In an experiment, frogs had one leg amputated.

They then received a five-drug cocktail that aided in organ regrowth.

The drugs encouraged the growth of nerve fibers, blood vessels and muscles and brought down inflammation.

The frogs also wore a silicone wearable bioreactor called a Biodome.

The reptiles were able to grow back legs that were almost fully functional within 18 months.

The limbs contained bones, muscle and nerves but did not have the same webbing and long toes.

Researchers are looking at whether the frogs needed more time to regrow their legs or whether the drug cocktail needs to be refined.

Some of the animals also responded better than others.

Scientists involved in the study are hoping to learn more about cell regeneration so that they can one day apply the same science to humans.