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Florida deputy arrested for allegedly texting threats during Capitol riot

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Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 19, 2021

Peter Heneen, a deputy from the Polk County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office, was arrested on Tuesday after Heneen allegedly sent threatening messages about the Capitol riot to a colleague.

Sheriff Grady Judd said Heneen sent a colleague messages during the riot, and that member of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office reported the messages to superiors.

“That night, he [Peter Heneen] entered into communication with another deputy, a friend of his,” Judd said. “He started saying some absolutely frightening things. That deputy was worried about his mental state and the very next day he reported to work he told his lieutenant.”

Judd said that one the messages said, “'You need to shoot the blank back. F the feds. Shoot the fed.' The next statement was 'Need to make the streets of DC run red with blood of the tyrants.'"

Heneen faces second-degree felony charges of written threats. Heneen is also facing termination.

"I am angry beyond words,” Judd said. “I am proud of my witness who is my deputy as I could ever be because he stood up and said that's not the way this system work."