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Find air travel uncomfortable? Here are the best places to sit on a plane

Posted at 2:28 PM, Dec 13, 2018

Traveling by plane isn’t always comfortable. Often times it can be cramped, or the temperature isn’t right, or you’re sitting in a noisy area.

But if you’re traveling this holiday season, keep in mind there are places to sit on the plane that are more optimal than other seats, says a flight attendant.

Best place to sit if you’re always cold:

If you hate being cold on a flight, do not sit next to the emergency exit windows. The outside air seeps in the most in those seats.   

Best place to sit if you hate loud noise:

Planes are notoriously loud, but if you need more of a quiet seat, chose one that's away from the kitchen, where the flight attendants work most.  

Best place to sit if you want a lot of leg room:

I think we’re all guilty of propping our feet up on the seat in front of us, because we're cramped. So, if you want a lot of leg room, chose the bulkhead seats, the seats right after the cabin divider or the emergency exit window seats.    

Best place to sit if you hate turbulence:

Turbulence on a flight is never fun, and if you get anxious, sit closer to the front of the plane. That way you won't feel the bumpiness as much as you would in the back. 

Depending on the flight experience you're looking for, a great website to check out before booking your next flight is called Seat Guru, where you can browse seat maps to over 1,100 aircrafts.