Drug-sniffing dog finds cocaine hidden in wheelchair at Milan airport

Italy Wheelchair Cocaine
Posted at 5:58 PM, Sep 02, 2022

Authorities in Italy say that nearly 30 pounds of cocaine were found inside a motorized wheelchair at Milan airport after a police dog sniffed it out.

According to the Italian Financial Police, the Associated Press reported that the drugs were found inside the upholstery of a motorized wheelchair at Malpensa airport on Friday.

In a press release, police said the drug-sniffing dog checks arriving luggage and passengers from the Dominican Republic since that route had previously been used by drug couriers, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities said the specialized canine led them to a passenger, who was in a motorized wheelchair, the news outlet reported.

Police said at first, they searched the Spaniard's luggage, which didn't yield anything. But when they slashed the upholstery of the wheelchair, they found the cocaine, the news outlet reported.

According to police, when the drugs were discovered, the man in the wheelchair stood up, walked around with no assistance, and was arrested, the Associated Press reported.