4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


Northern California company offers to sanitize playgrounds for a clean reopening

Posted at 12:15 PM, May 11, 2020

A northern California company is taking their sanitation mission to the park to make sure playgrounds are spic and span when they're allowed to reopen.

The business model is pretty simple.

“We clean and sanitize surfaces with the number one sanitizing agent that the CDC recommends for cleaning and sanitizing,” explained Chris Lombardo of No Moss SoftWash .

Normally, they clean homes, hotels, resorts, apartments, schools and theme parks, but lately, they've turned their focus to playgrounds.

“Kids gather here. They’re going to jump on these playgrounds. We want to give back and do what we do best: sanitize and clean surfaces,” Lombardo said.

Right now, all those playgrounds are sitting vacant, lonely, collecting dust and dirt of the past and present kind.

“Somebody’s gonna slide down, a child with a diaper on, it’s um, you can imagine it’s pretty nasty coming down a slide. We’re going to take care of that and sanitize that for them,” Lombardo said of his company’s efforts.

The before and after pictures show exactly what's been collected that needs to be removed.

“It melts away. It’s a beautiful thing; the before and after pictures are incredible,” he said.

Different from pressure washing, this is a soft wash, which uses low pressure and less water to both clean and sanitize exteriors.

Lombardo has offered to work with northern California cities to clean playgrounds just like this one, so that they will be sanitized in time for kids to safely play.

“We’re waiting for that phone call officially to say the tape’s coming off,” he said. “We’re going to open up and clean right away.”

It takes a few hours, and then, after that it's just basic maintenance.

While California waits to play, Lombardo is offering his services to local food banks, making sure that everything stays like their motto says "mossome".