Alabama deputy finds goat inside patrol car, another walking on its roof

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Posted at 12:02 PM, Aug 29, 2022

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — An Alabama deputy was quite surprised when he found a pair of livestock having some fun inside and on his patrol car late last week.

On Friday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office said on its Facebook page that Deputy Casey Thrower was serving legal documents when he heard something in his patrol car.

When he went to check it out, he was met by a pair of goats.

According to the department, one goat jumped into the driver's seat and began eating some of his paperwork.

The department said that the other goat jumped onto the hood of his patrol car and stood on the light bar.

Deputy Thrower was eventually able to shoo them away, CNN reported.

The deputy explained that he sometimes leaves his patrol car door open because he's had to run back to his vehicle, so he doesn't get attacked by canines since he's serving paperwork to homes.

The sheriff's office said Thrower has 40 years of service and is considered one of their "G.O.A.T deputies," as in Greatest of All Time.