5 things you can always get for free

Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 26, 2017

Everyone can agree that when we hear or see the word free we’re hooked. There is nothing more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free. Did you know there are items that you can always get for free?

Food is something you can always get for free. All you have to do is search national food day online and it will tell you what food is being celebrated that day. Usually restaurants or shops that sell that item will be giving them away for free. For example, on Bagelfest Day, Einstein Bros. Bagels gives away free bagels if you buy a drink. 

Calling all parents for this freebie. If you like taking the kids out to eat, but it’s just getting too expensive, you’ll want to check out this website. It’s called It tells you what restaurants in your neighborhood are serving free food to kids and what night of the week it’s taking place. 

If you love going to the movies, but tickets are too expensive, here’s a freebie you will love. Nearly every film in all big cities has a sneak preview with free passes that you can get your hands on. All you have to do is search online or call your local theater to find out when and what movie is being screened for free.

A lot of people love to use Craigslist and sites where you can purchase used items from people in the area, but there is a similar website that gets you the items for free. It's called Freecycle. You just search your area and it will tell you what people are giving away for free and where to pick it up.

The last freebie is a bit tricky, but it has been done. Many of us love to order off Amazon because it saves you a trip to the store. Did you know that if you purchase from Amazon and your order does not get delivered on time, you have the potential to get Amazon Prime for free for an entire month? All you will need to do is email customer service and they will add on an extra month of Prime.

At the end of the day if you are open-minded and patient, you're bound to always find free things you'll like.