5 strangest Amazon Prime Day deals

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jul 12, 2016
The end of Amazon Prime Day is closing in, and it’s now or never to take advantage of this year’s deals.
From pressure cookers to speakers, there are plenty of deals for your standard, every-day needs. But shoppers have stumbled across several not-so-typical items, too -- and some social media users even took to Twitter with their findings.
See below for five of the strangest Prime Day deals that were on Amazon today:
Who DOESN’T want a toilet that glows in the dark? At just $14.94 today, you can save over 25% on this “must-have” item. The nightlight “fits ANY toilet in seconds,” according to the item’s description, while the colors rotate or set to Blue, Red, Green, Aqua, Purple, Yellow, or White.
This “all natural” beard shampoo bar apparently has no synthetic chemicals that are harsh on your beard and skin. According to its description, it comes with a “MASCULINE woody scent.”
At just $9.49, you're saving 27% of the original value. Worth it for that silky smooth beard?
Who doesn’t need this? It’s an audio CD with a recording of a cat purring – all for your relaxation of course. And it's just $11.99!
Have you checked your eggs lately? This bizarre gadget will help you learn how far an egg is in the incubation process. Unless you’re a farmer, we’re not sure why you’d need one – but it’s pretty neat.
From an original value of $36.99, this nifty device can be yours for just $14.11.
It’s an inflatable, bouncy horse. Need we say more? Perfect for a child or immature adult, and a pump is even included. 
Your soon-to-be best friend comes at a price of just $15.40, which is 22% off the original price.