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Results: 5 referendums to watch for on Election Night

Posted at 4:59 PM, Nov 05, 2019

Sanctuary city?

Results: Yay: 29 Nay: 71

Voters in Tucson, Arizona are voting today to decide whether it should become the first city in Arizona to be a sanctuary city, which would prohibit the city's police department for arresting someone solely because of their immigration status.

The ballot language states:

"Amending Tucson code to establish sanctuary policies; prohibit Tucson police participation in any law enforcement activity for the purpose of determining immigration status; limit officers' authority to inquire about immigration status or contact federal agencies to determine status; and limit joint law enforcement operations between Tucson police and federal agencies."

Ranking candidates

Results: Yay: 74 Nay: 26

New York City voters are deciding today on whether to change how voters cast ballots in local elections. Instead of the traditional method of voters picking one candidate in an election — otherwise known as first-past-the-post, or FPTP voting — the referendum would allow voters to rank candidates, which would allow for "instant runoffs."

The new voting method would go into effect in 2021 if approved by voters, and it would only be used for municipal elections such as for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president and city council members.

How it would work is voters can rank up to five candidates on their ballot, and if a candidate receives a majority of first-preference votes, that candidate wins. If a candidate does not receive a majority, then the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated, and the ballots are recalculated. The runoffs continue until a candidate receives a majority of the vote.

Democracy dollars

Citizens of Albuquerque are deciding whether to allow for government-disbursed vouchers to be used in municipal elections. The vouchers, valued at $25 per resident, would allow residents to give their vouchers to a candidate of their choice.

Proponents of the measure claim that vouchers would come at no cost to the taxpayer, and would decrease the influence of large contributors on city government. The editorial board for the Albuquerque Journal , on the other hand, said that the funding model doesn't add up and has opposed the passage of the referendum.

Results: Too early to call

Affirmative action

Voters in the state of Washington are considering reversing a 21-year ban on affirmative action for public sector jobs and education. The referendum has the support of the state's Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, but opponents claim that the measure would create quotas.

The referendum's proponents say that the referendum is needed to reverse trends in reduced diversity at state-funded colleges.

Results: Too early to call

Sports betting

Colorado voters will decide on Tuesday whether to legalize sportsbooks within the state. The referendum states that a 10% tax would be levied against wagers, and those funds would be used for state water projects.

It appears Colorado could be one of many states to attempt to cash in on a 2018 ruling which found the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which effectively banned sportsbooks, unconstitutional.

Results: Too early to call