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Inauguration security gets tighter following weekend of uncertainty

Multiple arrests have occurred since Saturday
Capitol riots security
Posted at 4:44 PM, Jan 17, 2021

WASHINGTON — The security in Washington, D.C. is only intensifying with just a few days to go before Inauguration Day.


The National Mall is closed until Thursday at the earliest.

Metro train stations near the Capitol, Pennsylvania Ave, the National Mall and the White House have been shut down already.

Roads near those same areas have been shut down for several days now. The Secret Service will also restrict even more access into the city in the days to come.

Around 25,000 National Guardsmen from all over the country have joined various police agencies to reinforce the security perimeter.


Two "free speech zones" have been established for individuals to carry out their First Amendment rights.

John Marshall Park and the Navy Memorial are the two areas where protesters will be able to gather. Those protesters will only have access to the space if they go through metal detectors.

Areas remained mostly empty on Sunday. Plastic shields have been installed to keep the protesters contained.


Multiple people have been arrested in D.C. over the weekend, mostly at security checkpoints.

One man was arrested Friday after attempting to bypass a security checkpoint with 500 rounds of ammunition and "unauthorized" credentials.

On Sunday, a woman was arrested for impersonating an officer.


"It’s tragic to see," Will Mulhern, a D.C. resident, said.

He, like many who live near the security perimeter, developing their own safety plans in case something goes wrong.

"I have talked to my partner about whose house is more secure," Mulhern said.

Meanwhile, those visiting the city remain stunned at the security, including Trump supporters.

"I voted for Trump both times," Andy Lewis from California said.

Lewis says you would have to be idiotic to try and repeat Jan. 6 again. Lewis says the vast majority of Trump supporters don't support violence.

"If you are going to do something do it right, the legal way, do it peacefully," Lewis said.