NAACP warns of civil disobedience in Flint

Posted: 10:27 PM, Feb 15, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-16 12:17:00-05

The NAACP is issuing a powerful warning involving Flint's water crisis.

When children were sickened by harmful lead water, the Governor pledged to fix it. But now, critics are raising the stakes.

It’s the kind of announcement that get's the eyes of the nation - laser focused on Flint yet again.

Just weeks ago, the head of the entire NAACP made it known that a peaceful protest could be coming.

If Governor Rick Snyder doesn't present a plan in the next 30 days that has a deadline for replacing Flint's water pipes, the NAACP saying it will invite disruptive civil disobedience.

The organization's CEO, Cornell Brooks, says a massive demonstration would be vital to show leaders that their actions have fallen short.

Governor Snyder maintains the process to evaluate and replace lead lines is moving full speed ahead and gaining millions in funding. But, for now, a total price tag remains unknown as the clock continues ticking.