MSU newspaper's editorial board calls on trustees to resign immediately

MSU newspaper's editorial board calls on trustees to resign immediately
Posted at 12:07 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 11:13:05-04

The Michigan State University newspaper, "The State News," is calling on the university's board of trustees to resign immediately after the Larry Nassar scandal.

The editorial board, made up of Editor-in-Chief Rachel Fradette, Managing Editor McKenna Ross, Campus Editor Madison O’Connor, City Editor Souichi Terada, Features Editor Sasha Zidar, Sports Editor Jonathan LeBlanc, Inclusion Representative Maxwell Evans, Staff Representative Marie Weidmayer and Copy Chief Casey Holland, wrote the editorial titled, "Trustees, you're done."

"Nothing has changed since Lou Anna K. Simon resigned from her position as MSU president nearly four months ago," the board wrote. "Despite the pleas from survivors, students and community members, MSU’s leadership has consistently resisted change."

One of the reasons the newspaper's editorial board called on trustees to resign is because they say students don't trust them.

"Any trust you previously had with the students of MSU has been annihilated, and the university can’t rebuild what’s been lost. We need a clean slate," they wrote. "The idea of having you choose our next president after you chose John Engler as interim president is simply terrifying. You all represent what needs to be left behind in this troubling MSU era — and you haven’t realized that."

You can read their entire editorial here